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Why do protesters jump up and down?

Why do protesters jump up and down? The other day I watched a mob of paid protesters on television. They were walking and jumping up and down on a city street. Funny. What ever happened to sit in’s, shouting, screaming, rocks or lighting cars on fire? Jumping up and down? Boring. Maybe things would get […] Source
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Some people take their job way too seriously

Some people take their job way too seriously.
Some people also feel that what they are doing is really going to make the earth stop rotating, prevent the sun from coming up in the morning and allow world peace to break out around the globe. Wow.
A friend of mine took his wife and their two small children shopping in one of those big box stores who’s name we cannot mention but it s starts with a W as in Walmart. That’s right. Walmart.
The land of kind, considerate, passionate workers who cannot wait to get to their treasured job each day and walk around with a smile on their face day as they reach out to help throngs of customers.
His young son got a new bicycle for Christmas and wanted get a new horn to put on the handle bars. A horn loud enough to warn an oncoming semi-truck to get out of the way.
While he was testing out the selection, a clerk from the other end of the store came running up to the 3-year old screaming that he could not play with the toys especially the horns since t…

Living close

Robin and I live in a recreational vehicle.
People often ask me, “how can you live in such a small area and not kill each other.”
I often respond, “because we love each other and…”
Consider this:
To walk from my living room to the kitchen is only three steps instead of twenty. I can smell Robin’s delicious cooking faster.The bathroom is only three steps from the dining room which is helpful after a big pot of chili.
If I’m sleepy I don’t have to climb any steps to lay my head down and when I ready to go outside and play it’s only a hop, skip and a jump and I’m in the warm sunshine.Clean up is a snap. Instead of a five-bedroom house with lots of dust collectors, we have a living room, kitchen/dining room, bathroom and bedroom.
Having this setup means less cleaning and more time to enjoy other things.
Is cleaning fun? Not always but at least we have less of it.Besides, we try and do things together. Not just mundane chores but we try to spend time together even if it’s sitting next to e…