Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Eggnog in the winter

Ever crave eggnog after  Christmas? Lemonade in Feburary?
How about a big slice of mincemeat pie in March or July?
Not gonna happen. Unless I find for an online website with free shipping and wait three weeks.
I can buy oranges from another country in the dead of winter as well as fresh strawberries, lemons and bananas but try to buy a fruitcake in the new year.
Robin reminded me that we can buy peppermints throughout the year but, "no candy canes after Christmas."
Unless we stock up during a 'half-off-after-it's over sale.'
So being the techno-junkie web-savvy person that I think I am, I asked Dr. Google, the know all, see all information guru for a solution to the problem.
After the usual recipes, a listing popped up for this year's annual Manitou Springs, Colorado Fruitcake Toss Jan 11.
But that was for people who wanted to get rid of their old moldy cakes.
In the dead of winter, people hurl, toss and shoot them out of cannons to see which comes closest to a target.
This festival is similar to the pumpkin chunkin contests with a few more nuts added.
Still craving that mug of eggnog?
According to dairy business experts, the colder the outside temperature, the higher the sales until Christmas when sales fall like a rock.
One major eggnog producer, Dean Foods,  has in the past produced an Easter time eggnog for a few cities that, while not a huge seller, reportedly earns a small profit. This spring, Prairie Farms apparently is going to gear up production so I'll be looking for it.
That leaves mincemeat pie in July.
I thought I saw Robin hiding a jar in the back of the closet.

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

I need a pencil

Star pencil
Star pencil (Photo credit: @Doug88888)
Isn't it funny how just a few years ago if I wanted to write something down I just grabbed a pencil and a piece of paper and wrote it down.
Pencils were every where, in little cups on the desk, in my shirt pocket or laying on the dash of the car.
Heck, companies even gave away pencils with logos engraved on the sides with their telephone number. Even ballpoint pens, same thing, everywhere.
Try and find one today, I dare you, you have two minutes, go.
Didn't think so.
The other day I went to buy a cup of coffee at a trendy little coffee shop. Not a mocha whoop de do expresso with a pound of whipped cream on top. Just a small black coffee and a side of free internet please.
I heard a phone number blaring out over the radio while I was placing my order, "Oh, do you have a pencil and a piece of paper so I can write that number down?"
The lady taking my order blinked, "I'm sorry sir. Everything is done on computers now. I have a napkin if that will help."
Wow. Really?
"No wait." 
She looked around making sure nobody was listening.
" I think I have some crayons my son left in the car but I'll have to wait until break to get them."
The moment was gone. So was the phone number. 
"You know sir, you could just google them. They're on the internet."
That's true. I could have pulled out my phone like everybody else in line but my fingers were tried and had already told them they could take a twenty minute break.
Besides, my smartellecty smart phone was having emotional issues
It was working fine but I didn't want it to think it was in charge of everything.
It thinks it can do everything now except make coffee  which was the reason I was standing in line.
I could have opened my super duper supercharged laptop, but I didn't want to.
I wanted to write it down.
Yesterday I needed to tell Robin I going to get some bread at the store. It was early and she was asleep. Texting her would wake her up. If I left a message on facebook she may not see it in time.
"I'll just leave her a note and stick it on the fridge, she will see it when she wakes up."
Opps. Where's the pencils? Nope. Not there. Maybe there. Nope.
Ah, there they are . A whole box of them. A woman after my heart. 
Now for some scrap paper.
"Is everything alright Andrew? I heard a noise."
"No dear, I'm just going to leave you a...
Oh forget it. I'm going to the store."

Monday, August 26, 2013

Tin man in georgia

August in the mountains

August (Photo credit: randihausken)
The weather is starting to get a a little cooler in the mountains of northern Georgia now that it's the middle of August.
The list of people allowed to harvest Ginsing has been released and the mountain trails are starting to get a little more busier with hikers. Especially since the almost daily rain has stopped.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

On the beach

Spring is coming

It's almost the first of March and the travel bug is starting to bite. We have been along the southern Georgia coast for the winter months and the weather is nice but I see the geese flying north and know that soon it will start to get hot. The question is where to go for the spring and summer months that is not too hot.